Common cold in children

Childen usually suffer from common cold frequently than adults, because children usually gather in classrooms which increase risk of infections, as well as children usually have weaker immunity than adult. Common cold are usually caused by virus. There r various kind of viruses which cause common cold. Usually there is no treatment for common cold, but medicines can relieve your symptoms and can aid in recovery process.

Some of the common symptoms of common cold in children are headache, sore throat, fever (usually less than 102) etc. The virus usually spreads by air droplets hence likelihood of getting infected is higher in indoors eg. class rooms. There is nothing much you can do to prevent your child from common cold, however it is advisable maintain good hygiene and avoid direct contact of your child with other children. Common cold can resolve with in week or 10 days.

Children during common cold may get uncomfortable. If you suspect your child is suffering from common cold you should consult doctor, as he may prescribe medicines to reduce severity of symptoms. Also he may prescribe some supplements which can aid in quicker recovery. Most important is your doctor can only distinguish weather your child is suffering from common cold of infection which might need antibiotic treatment.  Dr Vinit Mehta is best Child Specialist in Vadodara. He also offers online consultation. For Appointment Call him @ +91-8347990180